I simply love yoga. Yoga is much more than a physical practice to me. Yoga is everyday. Finding that breath that is so vital in our life, and returning to it when you most need it. Finding stability, presence and effort in everything we do, yet it is ease and gentleness we receive as a result. I see my limitations, lose my patience and feel unease, but being aware and present during those moments (and there are many!), that is my yoga.

What is your yoga? We all practice yoga for different reasons that can be deeply personal, to make space for what we need, to get rid of what we don’t need. To pay attention, to be content with where we are, right in this moment. To ease and soothe the aches and pains of our bodies. Or as simple as wanting a good workout.

What is your truth, your yoga? Truth is, we always have an opportunity to practice yoga. Yoga happens when we are present in the moment, with intention, no matter what is surrounding us. Pay attention, you’ll see.

~ Katherine