March 20 2014 (Scroll Down for More Articles)

We live in a culture that emphasizes competition and achievement. Just last week I attended a yoga class where a student flung himself into Sirsasana (headstand), and without the strength and knowledge of the pose, he slid down the back of his head. Our teacher promptly had him stop trying (he attempted to get upside down even after she asked him to work on another pose that would help work on his strength and alignment). This is not an isolated incident. Add to that the nature of many people’s practices (once a week) and classes that are too large for the teacher to see everyone in a given pose, and disaster is waiting to happen.

If you are new to yoga, take your time before practicing inversions. Attend yoga classes regularly and learn the fundamentals: Finding the extension of the spine, opening the shoulders, and developing balance and strength within the fundamental poses first is key into finding proper alignment and strength in inversions. Here is a wonderful article on how to approach Sirsasana (Headstand).

February 11 2014 

Many yoga students talk about wrist pain or discomfort in weight bearing poses such as Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) or Inversions such as Handstand. When I first started my practice, Downward Facing Dog was a very difficult pose to hold for more than a few breaths.

As my practice evolved and I learned not only the correct alignment and how to shift weight around, I also developed strength around the wrist area. Read this helpful article on how to modify poses while you are creating more strength and better alignment.

February 1 2014

Tadasana, Mountain Pose, teaches us so much not only about the foundation of the asanas, but also the foundation of our body. The way we position our feet affects our ankles, which affect our knees, which in turn affects our hips, lower back and shoulder girdle! Not to mention our neck!

We need to have a steady and firm foundation so that what is built on top of it, is steady and firm. Our feet teaches us a lot!

Do you tend to supinate? Or maybe pronate? Read this article on how to strengthen the arches and how to maximize the balance of our strong and foundational feet!